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In my younger days I did a lot of cardio training, but no matter how much time I spent at the gym I never achieved the body I was dreaming of.

I trained and trained, becoming practically addicted, but the results never showed. Instead, I found myself with a severely worn-out body with aches in my lower back, knees, ankles and shoulders. I ignored it for a long time, despite on occasion having to crawl out of bed because it hurt so much.

I took courses in everything – from chiropractic to massage and physiotherapy – but it never hit me that the amount and type of training I was doing could have been part of the problem.

The change didn’t occur until I met my husband Kasper, with whom I would later found Fortius Fitness. Kasper had experimented with diet and training for years. He recommended that I cut down on the amount of training as well as switching from cardio to strength training.

And that was when things started happening. The extra pounds quickly disappeared, along with my many aches and pains.


For the first time in four years, I was completely free of pain. On top of that, I got the healthy, strong body I’d been chasing after. I was super motivated by the wonderful results and decided to take things all the way.

I started training with even greater focus and managed to win the Danish Championship in Athletic Fitness at the age of 36. I was the oldest in the group – and I won. It still makes me proud to this day.

For years later, I went on to top still more younger contestants, placing second in two categories at BodyFitness. By that point I was over 40 years old and had given birth to three children. It all goes to show that it’s never too late to start.

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My last pregnancy was much easier than the two previous ones, despite having been significantly older.

During the first two pregnancies I gained quite a bit of weight. I had pains in my arms, shoulders and back and it took me a long time to recover after giving birth. It took me a full year and a half to get back in shape and lose the extra pounds.

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During the last pregnancy, however, I gained a lot less weight, despite eating exactly what I wanted. Instead, I focused exclusively on strength training and dropped all forms of cardio.

This also meant that I only needed six months to get back in top shape after my last pregnancy . Unfortunately, I couldn’t rid myself of the varicose veins, which can’t be trained away.

I’ve tried many types of training over the years but I’ve finally found peace in something that works: strength training three times a week, combined with some simple dietary principles. You can find that same peace, because those are exactly the principles that we use here at Fortius Fitness.

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Signe lost 50.5 lbs

“My weight has fluctuated quite a bit over my life, but this course is the first one that’s actually managed both to work and keep me steady”*

Kim lost 44 lbs and 31.5 inches and discovered the joy of training

“I’ve gone down more than 30 inches in body measurements, cut my fat percentage by more than half, and lost a whole 44 lbs. I now sleep much better at night, without snoring”*

Nina lost 31.5 inches and reduced her aches and pains

“I’ve lost about 11 lbs and 31.5 inches all in all over the course of my lifestyle change. Since strengthening my leg muscles I’ve had less pain in my knees, which otherwise would hurt after climbing the steps to the 4th floor”*

* Mandatory disclaimer: The results obtained will naturally vary from person to person in relation to basic shape, body fat percentage and muscle mass at the start of the program.