At Fortius Fitness we don’t use fixed, preset courses that must fall within predefined periods of time. While that’s standard practice in our line of work, we don’t think it makes much sense.

Therefore, we’ve chosen a different approach, in which we consider each client’s individual situation before creating a customized course. That’s how we ensure that you get the optimal conditions for success.

By now we’ve racked up so many results that we can safely guarantee you’ll reach your goals too. You have nothing to lose as long you stick to our guidelines. If we don’t achieve the measurable results as promised then we’ll return the full amount.

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Your price depends on your needs, which is why all of our courses begin with a free and non-binding consultation, where together with your potential trainer you’ll figure out how to tailor a course that works for you and your daily life.

Of course, we do have a few course packages which we use to get started, but booking only takes place after consultation, so you as a client get the course that suits you best – there’s absolutely no reason you should waste money on a course that lasts 3 months if it isn’t at all necessary.

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Since what we’re talking about is a mini-education in managing your new, healthy lifestyle on your own, for the vast majority just 10 sessions with us are enough. By that point, most have mastered the exercises and managed to adjust their habits around training and diet. Some choose a shorter or longer course, depending on what makes sense in their particular situation.

No matter where you find yourself in life, we can put together a course that’s perfect for you. Absolutely anyone is welcome with us – regardless of age, sex, weight, physical fitness level or prior experience with training.

Elisabeth lost weight and rediscovered the joy of training

“The first 15 days made me 8 lb lighter and 8 inches smaller in body measurements. On top of that I’ve got more energy and a better overall mood”

Soren lost 7 inches

“My goal was to lose 33 lbs, and by the time I was 6 weeks into the course I’d lost half of it”

Tilde became stronger and got rid of her aches

“Through this course I’ve made progress in my training, and it’s been great to go from being able plank for 30 seconds without weight to being able to hold it for 40 seconds with 44 lbs”

Casper lost over 17.6 lbs of fat in 5 weeks

“I’m just really glad I chose Fortius Fitness. I’ve gained a lot more energy day to day. Coming home from work I always used to spread out on the couch and take an afternoon nap, but that doesn’t happen anymore”

Tove got rid of pains and arthritis

”It doesn’t hurt anymore. No longer noticing the arthritis, and have much more energy”

Jens lost 8.8 lbs of fat and shed 4.7 inches around the waist

“It’s great to see yourself from workout to workout getting stronger and stronger and better and better at the exercises. But most of all, I’ve been able to notice it helping in my daily work”

Katrine lost 11.2 lbs of fat and 12 inches in 4 weeks

“It’s been incredibly satisfying to see and feel my body changing. Parts of my body that haven’t been firm in years now are :)”

Jasmin got rid of pains and can now sleep without taking painkillers

“The best part about it is that I’ve built muscle mass, lost 8.8 lbs without being on a specific diet and the pains in my neck are gone! YES completely gone! It’s saved me a lot of time, money and effort, and has all been worth it in the end”

We consider it our foremost task to guide you through the fitness jungle and lead you toward the body of your dreams, whether that means slim, pain-free or more muscular – and we’re only a click away when you leave us.

In our Inner Circle universe, you’ll be in touch with trainers as well as peers, both during and after your course.

You’re only a click away from your dream body. We’ll send you information about prices and courses right away, and then you’ll already be a little bit closer to getting the body you’ve been dreaming of.