It’s certainly not just anyone that can become a Fortius Fitness personal trainer – only a select few have the skills to qualify.

Each of our trainers receives special education and must fulfill a substantial list of requirements, ensuring that you as a client can feel secure.

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All of our trainers work on the basis of Fortius Fitness’ simple philosophy: Fitness Simplified

  • Training should give visible results and increase strength and energy levels, and should never lead to pains, fatigue or burnout.
  • 2-3 strength training sessions per week are enough, as long they’re done the right way: with progressive loads that gradually challenge the body. And it all counts the same no matter your experience or how in-shape you are.
  • You shouldn’t have to count, weigh or measure your food, thus overcomplicating things. On the contrary, diet should be flexible without having to compromise on the results, becoming a habit that comprises a natural part of your everyday life.
  • Exercise and diet should not control or take up so much of your life that you can’t skip when something comes up or when it’s time to take a vacation. You shouldn’t feel guilty or lose momentum on account of simply living your own life. Exercise and diet are supposed to make it possible!
  • A strong, injury-free body with a high metabolism rate is best achieved through well-defined, proper and efficient strength training, along with a diet to match your life so your body works with rather than against you.

Regardless of which personal trainer will be responsible for your transformation, you’re sure to get the same high level of quality.

Personal trainers at Fortius Fitness coach full-time, which is your guarantee for a skilled and experienced trainer. Each of our trainers keeps a cap on the number of clients taking the course at any given time. In that way, they can be 100% focused on giving you the best results.

Meet Fortius Fitness’ skilled personal trainers

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