Get a lean, strong, healthy body full of energy with a personal trainer in Miami


Henrik lost 36 lbs in 3 months

“I’ve never lost weight so easily in my life. I just kept losing more and more pounds, and more importantly: I feel healthier and better than I’ve felt in years.”

Camilla lost 82 lbs and 41 inches

“I really can’t believe how easy it’s been. And now it’s a lot more fun to shop for new clothes and work out.”

Go from shapeless to fit without strict fad diets or endless training

Perhaps you’ve already tried a bunch of different programs, crash diets or meal plans that were worth neither your time nor your money? Maybe you’ve bought expensive equipment that’s just sitting there gathering dust? Or maybe you’re one of those with an active gym membership that rarely if ever gets used?

Such experiences are common among those who come to us. They feel like they’ve tried just about everything out there, or else they haven’t gotten started because they don’t have any idea where to even begin.

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be so difficult. It really is possible to get rid of unwanted fat and aches and pains and to turn your lack of energy around – WITHOUT spending endless hours in a gym and WITHOUT giving up all the things that you like.

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Imagine if you could…

  • Achieve lasting results quickly and easily
  • Wave a final goodbye to pointless diets and monotonous meal plans
  • Avoid wasting time and money on things that don’t work
  • Get the body of which you’ve always dreamed
  • Be proud of your body and the results you have achieved
  • Boost your daily happiness and energy levels

A guilty conscience and negative thoughts around food, body and training can leave you drained. Imagine if you could rid yourself of all those worries and instead spend your time and energy on something nice.

How would you spend the time?

  • More quality time with your family?
  • Putting more time and focus into your work?
  • Good times and fun with your friends?
  • Self-indulgence?
  • Taking care of all the little things that you tend to put off for later?
  • Eating great meals without the guilty conscience?

A transformation from soft and round to strong, slim and healthy gives you far more energy and a whole new set of possibilities for enjoying your life. Why wait, when you can get started right away?

You can get it all in a shorter time than you think

Both fast and lasting results – it sounds almost too good to be true. It isn’t, though we did spend many years in finding just the right formula. In fact, we have built up over 25 years of experience with personal training, during which time we’ve certainly learned a thing or two.

We know that it need not be as complicated as many make it out to be. That’s why we offer an easy, straight-forward approach to training combined with a range of simple dietary principles, which can easily fit into your daily life.

A course here at Fortius Fitness isn’t just a series of training sessions, but also a mini-education focused on diet and training. It’s important for us to teach you the right techniques so that you can maintain your new lifestyle on your own. Thus, you won’t become dependent on someone to constantly guide you, but will instead learn to stand on your own two feet.

No matter how little you care for training, how much you love chocolate or how busy you are, we promise that both healthy diet and training will become a natural part of your daily life. Something you look forward to rather than fear.

In fact, this all comes completely naturally when you get a course that is 100% tailored to you, your goals and your needs.

Our concept is simple, but extremely efficient. 

You can get rid of unwanted fat, weak muscles and everyday aches and pains such as in the back or knees, and that is a wonderful thing. But even better, in fact, is the new everyday life you’ll experience even after just a few weeks.

You’ll have far more energy to focus on your family, your friends and your work, and you’ll experience the joy of feeling pride when looking at your own body in the mirror.

Be assured of reaching your goals with specially-educated trainers

Fortius Fitness was founded back in 2010 by Joan Lang and Kasper V. Christensen, two of Denmark’s absolute best personal trainers. They’ve built up over 25 years of experience helping clients who want to transform their bodies, and they can also help you.

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Both Kasper and Joan have worked as personal trainers in various large gyms, but both of them dreamed of creating their own place where their clients could train undisturbed, amid peaceful, private surrounds. That way we can focus far better on what counts: namely, achieving measurable results.

Fortius Fitness was created with the goal of facilitating the very best conditions for personal training and lifestyle changes. When it comes to quality we make no compromise, which is why we’re also critical when it comes to selecting those best at taking care of our clients.

Only the very sharpest trainers make it through the tough selection process before going on to be educated in our concept. They all work full-time with personal training, none of them only part-time and thus merely helping clients in their spare time. As such, each of our trainers has plenty of good, relevant experience of which you can take full advantage.

Does that mean our trainers are somehow superhuman with an unusually strong passion for training and healthy lifestyle? Nope, it doesn’t. They’re completely ordinary people, ones who’ve encountered failed training regimens, injuries or other roadblocks along their various paths.

As such, you’ll be meeting a trainer with a great understanding of your challenges and struggles, regardless of whether these have to do with excess weight, lack of muscle, low energy levels, nagging pains or poor self-esteem.

Each trainer only takes on a limited number of clients at a time, giving room for reflection and good chats about you, your goals and your challenges. You won’t simply disappear into the crowd, having to fit into some generic, cookie-cutter course. Our setup is designed to cultivate a special relationship between you and your trainer.

From the introductory consultation onwards, your trainer will lead you by the hand, up to the point where you’re 100% ready to stand on your own and keep up the good habits without help.

Of course, you’re allowed to meet your trainer before booking a course. What we offer is a free and completely non-binding consultation with your prospective trainer, in which you can feel out the chemistry as well as get a range of personal advice on diet and training. The conversation doesn’t cost a thing, and there are absolutely no strings attached.

Vibeke lost 22 lbs and got her flat tummy back after 3 births

“On the whole, I’ve gained a greater sense of well-being and a higher energy level. I’ve become happier about my body and it’s amazing to once again be able to put on the clothes I want now that my muffin top and thunder thighs are gone.”

Kim lost 44 lbs and 31 inches and improved his quality of sleep

I’ve more than halved my body fat percentage and I sleep much better at night, without snoring. My day-to-day life has gotten better and I have more energy to take on each day.”

Exclusive centers make a discernible difference

Fortius Fitness sets itself apart from the traditional gyms in a number of departments, among them in offering small centers, exclusively used by our personal trainers and their clients.

Here you can train in peace and quiet without noise from the treadmills or Zumba classes and completely free of prying eyes. In order to ensure optimal conditions for your training, we only allow 2-3 clients at a time.

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We offer our sleek, high-quality equipment, and you’ll avoid wasting precious time waiting for others to finish up. It’s you, your goals and your body in focus – and nothing else.

It’s what we consider REAL personal training.

Everything is tailor-made for you, and you can pretty much train whenever you want. Our centers are open by appointment between 6am and 10pm every day of the week.

You have two overall options:

  1. Train alone
  2. Train alongside 1-3 others from your circle with our Team Fit solution

When choosing Team Fit, both you and your friends get a discount. At the same time, you’ll benefit from the chance to support each other both during and – importantly – after the course.

Personal trainer in Miami with guaranteed results

As a client with Fortius Fitness, you won’t be the first to test our concept. We’ve already helped over 15,000 people – of all age groups and various challenges. What they all share in common is that with our help they’ve been able to transform their lives.

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It can be hard to make a decision, and we know that there can be many reservations. That’s why we do our absolute best to make you feel safe and secure before starting a course.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That means you’ll get every single dollar back should your course not live up to your expectations. We outright guarantee that we’ll provide the results, and the only thing we require of you is that you stick to our simple and effective concept.

We’ve proven time and again that our strategies work, which is why we’re more than willing to offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with personal training or other fitness programs? If so then you’re not alone, as many of our clients have been through the same ordeal prior to contacting us.

But at Fortius Fitness you’re 100% sure to get the full value for your money. In fact, you have nothing to lose – besides the extra pounds, of course.

Personal training like you’ve never experienced it before

We offer a comprehensive, all-in-one package that is based on you and no one else. That’s how you can be sure of reaching your goals once and for all.

The package includes:

  • An easy, simple concept that is based around you and your everyday life
  • Training in a small, private center that’s free of prying eyes and listening ears
  • A specially-educated trainer who understands your challenges and struggles
  • The most efficient tools and techniques to quickly achieve measurable and lasting results
  • Thorough training in all exercises so you can train properly on your own
  • Easy, realistic dietary principles matched to your lifestyle and daily routine, so you can finally relax about the food you eat
  • Tasty, quick and family-friendly recipes made with ingredients you can easily find in a regular supermarket
  • Access to a private forum for trainers and clients where you can benefit from advice, support and inspiration before, during and after your course
  • Ongoing adjustments and optimization in case we discover that something isn’t working or feels wrong
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to invest in a course feeling safe and certain that you’ll get your money back in the case that we don’t achieve results

fortius fitness miami

Do you want to transform your body too?

You don’t need to make a final decision now. The first step on the journey is a free consultation with one of our trainers.

The consultation is absolutely non-committal, even if potentially life-changing. Here we’ll unveil our simple, time-saving, and well-documented concept, which can help you to transform your body and make you a new, better version of yourself.

At the consultation you’ll learn, among other things:

  • How to obtain more energy and time for the things you love to do
  • Why you should avoid meal plans and fad diets that require you to count, weigh or measure your food
  • How simple dietary principles that are based around you and your routine can make a difference
  • Which fast, easy recipes offer healthy, tasty meals for the whole family
  • Why there’s no reason at all to force down food that you don’t like
  • How you can change your body without saying goodbye to treats, family parties or popcorn at the movies
  • How to train easily and efficiently with a handful of manageable exercises
  • How less training can give you better and faster results than you could imagine
  • Which myths, pitfalls and poor methods can get in the way of your goals. It’s often about misinformation – and never about poor genetics or a lack will power

You’ll also receive broad insight into our effective concept, even before agreeing to a potential course. We don’t keep our precious gems to ourselves, but rather share our simple methods, ones that can give you the strong, beautiful body that you’re dreaming of.

At Fortius Fitness we don’t just sell training sessions – we sell results and a zest for life. How much is a new, improved life worth to you – one that’s filled with energy and a sense of well-being? And when are you going to start living it?

Signe lost over 50 lbs

“My weight has gone up and down quite a bit throughout my life, but this course is the first thing that’s both worked and kept me stable. It’s an indescribably awesome feeling.”

Jens Christian lost 28 lbs and 23 inches

“There have been radical changes in my life in terms of both the way I see myself and my physical shape. It’s no longer a chore to exercise – it’s become a highlight!”

Meet our excellent trainers

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