Henrik lost 36 lbs in 3 months

“I’ve never lost weight so easily in my life. I just kept losing more and more pounds, and more importantly: I feel healthier and better than I’ve felt in years.”


Signe lost over 50 lbs

“My weight has gone up and down quite a bit throughout my life, but this course is the first thing that’s both worked and kept me stable. It’s an indescribably awesome feeling.”


Go (Fast) from Shapeless to fit – without Strict Fad diets or endless exercise

Have you had enough of your excess fat, your limp, loose body, clothes that no longer fit, your lack of energy, your health problems and your nagging, everyday frustrations like knee and back pains?

And do you feel you’ve wasted time, money or energy on workouts, programs, equipment, meal plans or crash diets that either don’t work or only give short-term results?

Or maybe you haven’t even gotten started because you don’t know where to begin or end?

Many of our clients have felt the same way – until they came to us..

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Imagine if…

  • Instead of working out in vain you could lock down stable, lasting results.
  • Your diet – as opposed to strict, fad diets – could be tailored to fit your routine and lifestyle.
  • Instead of detouring or simply giving up you could find a shortcut, getting everything right from the start.
  • Instead of just dreaming of transforming your body you could actually get it done.
  • Instead of being unhappy about your body you could be proud of your physique and the goals you’ve achieved.
  • Instead of unease or frustration, your daily life could be marked with joy and energy, both physical and mental.

Imagine being able to use all the time you spend worrying about your body, diet, and exercise on something else!

What would you focus on?

  • New hobbies? Or perhaps more time for your old ones?
  • A new job or a promotion?
  • Hanging out with the family?
  • Being more active with the kids or grandkids?
  • Trips to beautiful beaches that you’ve perhaps put on hold?
  • Self-indulgence?

You can have it all in a shorter time than you think

Fortius Fitness has long firmed up its leading position within the field of personal training, and there’s a reason why so many choose to travel so far to reach us.

We owe our success to our small, private centers dedicated entirely to personal training, where the essential offerings are a straightforward approach to exercise and simple dietary principles.

The concept is:

  • Easy!
  • Manageable!
  • And extremely effective!

A course with a personal trainer at Fortius Fitness is a mini-education in quickly learning to manage your workouts and diet, as well as how these are turned into natural fixtures of even the busiest working day.

We work to change habits and behavioral patterns with a basis in the person as a whole, so that you get a lifestyle that’s 100% adapted to YOU.

Pain, discomfort and undesired fat are just a few of the things our clients have shed, while what they’ve gained is more energy in their daily lives – for work, leisure and family – along with the feeling of pride at their reflections in the mirror.

Feel at ease with specially-educated personal trainers

Behind Fortius Fitness are two of the absolute best and most experienced personal trainers: Joan Lang and Kasper V. Christensen.

Together they offer more than 30 years of solid experience and expertise in leading clients to their goals, regardless of starting level.

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Rather than building giant gyms, their vision is to create the optimal settings for obtaining results.

Based on their long experience this is best achieved with a small fitness center, where calm and privacy help to create a relaxed atmosphere – the very best conditions for effective personal training for both client and trainer.

Our hand-picked, specially-educated trainers take care of your needs right from the start: from the very first, non-binding consultation until you’re all set and ready to leave us again.

Not everyone is fit to become a personal trainer with Fortius Fitness, and we’re highly critical when it comes to who is best suited to taking care of our clients.

Only the very sharpest with the right profiles make it through the tough selection process, before going on to be educated in our concept.

For example, Fortius Fitness personal trainers MUST have experience facing body-related challenges in their own personal lives.

None of our trainers simply inherited superior genes at birth, and neither have they gone through their lives without injuries, failed attempts or roadblocks in the form of confusing or misleading information.

This creates a special bond between you and your trainer, who has a very special understanding of you and your situation, regardless of whether your personal battles deal with fat loss, pains, lack of energy, muscle gain or self-confidence.

To ensure the highest quality, all of our personal trainers are full-time and work only with a limited number of clients at a time – thus it isn’t uncommon that you’ll have to wait up to a month before the start of your course.

Vibeke lost 22 lbs and got her flat tummy back after 3 births

“On the whole, I’ve gained a greater sense of well-being and a higher energy level. I’ve become happier about my body and it’s amazing to once again be able to put on the clothes I want now that my muffin top and thunder thighs are gone.”


Kim lost 44 lbs and 31 inches and improved his quality of sleep

I’ve more than halved my body fat percentage and I sleep much better at night, without snoring. My day-to-day life has gotten better and I have more energy to take on each day.”


Exclusive centers only for personal training = a noticeable difference

Fortius Fitness is not a traditional gym – instead, we offer small centers ONLY for clients engaged in a course and not for just anyone looking for a place to work out.

In this way we ensure optimal settings for personal training, allowing you to get the most out of your course.

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We have attractive surroundings with quality gear and only 1–2 other clients exercising with their trainer at a time.

It’s just trainer and client – and NOBODY else – so you can concentrate on what you’re there for…

…getting results.

It’s what we consider REAL personal training.

You have two overall options for personal training.

  1. Train alone with your personal trainer.
  2. Train alongside 1-3 others from your circle with our Team Fit solution.

The Team Fit route triggers a discount, but most important of all is the chance you have to support each other during and not least after the course.

Fortius Fitness is open by appointment from 6am–10pm every day of the week, so it’s always possible to find the times that fit in best with your life.

Get guaranteed results with a Fortius Fitness personal trainer in miami

When you begin a course with a Fortius Fitness personal trainer, you’re following in the footsteps of tens of thousands of others – spanning all ages, sizes and levels of fitness – who’ve achieved a life-changing transformation thanks to our concept.

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Of course, we also realize that it’s a big decision to make, and that you may well have your reservations.

If you choose to invest in a course after your free consultation with one of our personal trainers, it’s important to us that you feel completely and absolutely safe.
That’s why our offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In other words, if the course doesn’t live up fully to your expectations you’ll get all your money back.

Yes, you read that right:

One of the only training centers to do so, Fortius Fitness GUARANTEES results or your money back – so long as you follow our easy dietary principles and simple workout methods, which have already helped more than 15,000 clients.

We can confidently promise you this, having proven time and time again that our dietary and exercise strategies work.

So even if you’ve previously had a bad experience with personal training or other fitness programs or books (and sadly, more than a few of our clients have), you’re 100% covered and thus have nothing to lose.

Besides the excess pounds, of course.

Personal training like you’ve never experienced it before

With personal training at Fortius Fitness you’ll get an ALL-IN-ONE package that’s optimized for and built around YOU, to help you reach your goals ONCE AND FOR ALL:

  • Exercise in a small, private center, free of wandering eyes and listening ears, with a specially-educated, full-time trainer who knows what it feels like to be uncomfortable in his or her body, and importantly, one who knows where the challenges arise – before, during and after your course.
  • The most efficient, custom tools and techniques to help you towards reaching your goals, giving visible and lasting results – all in one simple, flexible concept.
  • A manageable, time-effective, workout strategy with clear, comprehensive instructions, leaving you fully equipped to carry out your training independently – whether you’re new or experienced.
  • Easy, realistic dietary principles customized to your own particular lifestyle and routine, letting you finally relax about the food you eat.
  • Simple, tasty recipes made with ingredients you don’t need to go to a health food store to find, and ones your family will love as well.
  • Access to our Inner Circle, an exclusive forum for Fortius Fitness members only, where you’ll get feedback, motivation and inspiration from trainers and peers, both during and – not least – after your course.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You should feel completely secure with your investment, which is why you’ll get all your money back in the case that your course fails to live up to expectations.

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Are you feeling inspired to experience results like these on your own body?

We invite you to a COMPLIMENTARY, 100% risk-free (though potentially life-changing) consultation with one of our specially-educated personal trainers.

In the consultation we reveal a simple, efficient, time-saving and, importantly, PROVEN approach to transforming your body and becoming the slimmest, fittest, and healthiest version of yourself.

You’ll learn:

  • How your training doesn’t need to take time away from your family or friends – instead it’ll boost your energy level, improving quality time with those you love the most.
  • Why you’ll NEVER again resort to rigid diets or monotonous meal plans – instead you’ll settle on a simple dieting strategy that meshes with YOUR life, allowing room for all of your favorite foods.
  • How to train in a manageable way, with only a handful of super-effective exercises that anyone can learn, saving you from spending your precious time in vain.
  • How eating healthy isn’t about weighing or measuring everything you put into your mouth, nor is it about food you can hardly stand to eat – it’s easier and tastier than you think, and your family will love it too.
  • Why less training can give you BETTER and faster results than you can imagine – lack of time will no longer be an excuse.
  • Why getting in shape DOESN’T mean you need to give up eating out, going to parties, having weekend treats with the kids or attending family gatherings – in fact, it’s more than okay: we recommend just that!
  • How to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that hamper your results – it’s myths, bad choices and faulty methods that hold you back from your goals – NOT poor genes or a lack of willpower.

Therefore, we want to tell you about the ULTRA simple “shortcut” lying right at your feet, that will get you the fit, strong and energetic body you deserve.

As our days our booked with helping clients reach their goals, consultation slots are limited.

Tanya lost almost 26 lbs and 20.7 inches in under 3 months

“My body has become stronger and more toned – an even better version of myself than before I had kids, but more importantly, I’ve become a happier woman with more self-esteem and a lot more energy. It’s awesome!”


Jens Christian lost 28 lbs and 23 inches

“There have been radical changes in my life in terms of both the way I see myself and my physical shape. I have more energy day to day and I now look forward to working out each time. It’s no longer a chore to exercise – it’s become a highlight!”


Meet Fortius Fitness’ super-engaged personal trainers in miami

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