Having a hard time coping with…

  • racing around the gym while trying to win over clients?
  • bending over backwards in the hopes of standing out from the crowd on social media?
  • writing post after post for your blog that nobody reads?
  • the constant worry over where your next client will come from?

It’s a time-consuming job to find potential clients, and it takes away from the fun – and what really matters.

At Fortius Fitness all you’ll think about is being the best trainer for your clients – not about acquiring them.

We’ll handle that for you.

We’ve got the marketing covered so you can focus on training your clients to success.

personal trainer job

Are you also frustrated by how hard it is to get to the equipment due to other members and trainers in the gym?

Or by having spectators around who eavesdrop or stare while you train your clients?

FORTIUS FITNESS PERSONAL TRAINING CENTER is one of the only centers that EXCLUSIVELY offers personal training.

This means both you and your clients get to skip the long waits for equipment, and you can both speak freely and avoid the curious glances of lookers-on.

It’s you and the client – and no one else.

It’s what we consider TRUE personal training.


Are you crazy about the squat, the deadlift and the bench-press, and are you ready to fight flabby arms, beer bellies and sagging butts, and to help our clients change their lifestyles and habits in order to get a healthy, strong body in an effective, manageable way?

Then you’ll love our concept!

Your age is not important – in fact, we appreciate a measure of maturity.

You must have the ambition of making personal training your full-time livelihood, and a desire to focus 100% on your clients.

Fortius Fitness offers the best opportunities in the business, a strong concept and unique training facilities where you and your client can work undisturbed.

Our focus is on body transformations and lifestyle changes and our clientele consists of entirely ordinary people in need of help and support to transform their bodies.

We are highly ambitious on both our own and our clients’ behalf, and our concept has been developed and honed to give our clients fast and lasting results.

We’re seeking qualified personal trainers, physiotherapists or those holding bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Sports, Human Physiology or Health & Nutrition – as long as you’re unafraid to guarantee results and willing to instruct both individuals and pairs in our concept, one that has time after time helped our clients to reach their goals.

We have several branches spread around the country and abroad. Check out our locations here.

Each branch consists of a small team with a maximum of 4-5 trainers, and you’ll only be tied to a single branch.


“For me, it was a big step up from my nursing job with its fixed monthly salary, to just take the plunge and throw myself into becoming a personal trainer. I would never have dared to take the leap if it hadn’t been for the opportunity I had with Fortius Fitness.

I felt totally secure having Kasper and Joan behind me. Plus, I’d already gotten to know and trust their concept and knew from experience that it worked.

Another big plus was that, like the other new recruits, I didn’t need to go out and market myself or spend time finding clients, which was a huge relief.

Since I don’t need to spend any time or money on marketing, I can direct my energy towards my clients, focusing 100% on them, so that they leave with the best tools for training and diet as well as fully satisfied with the course.

In my experience, all of the trainers work really well together, helping each other out – including with clients. For instance, if I happen to be held up by something, I can offer a client the chance to get started a bit faster with one of the other trainers – without feeling like I’ve ‘lost’ a client to a competitor.

At the same time, we’re good at talking through things together, whether it’s more serious issues or challenges or just the nice or funny things that happen day to day.

Working as a trainer at Fortius Fitness, we get to know each other really well, as we’re a small team that works pretty closely together.

That also means that the social aspect of work is a high priority.

Our core concept at Fortius Fitness is simple, with a focus on the good, basic exercises, and a view that training doesn’t need to be overly complicated or include 20 different exercises in order to be effective.

That makes it easy to manage, both for yourself as a trainer and for your clients. I find that quite a lot of clients are surprised to be getting such good results without having to spend 5-7 hours a week in the gym.”

Randi Negendahl

“Personal training is getting more and more popular, but at the same time there are a lot more trainers becoming qualified, and thus more intense battling over clients.

It can therefore be hard to get things to work out on your own as a personal trainer.

One of the benefits of being a Fortius Fitness trainer is that this is simply not a problem – the clients are already there so that you don’t need to go out and look, and you don’t need to fill hours of your free time standing at a desk or the like in order to make ends meet.

On top of that, Fortius Fitness has its own private spaces, which means there are no more than a few trainers in the center at a time, so there’s always space and no waiting time for the equipment. 

The center is open 24/7, so it’s completely up to you how to plan your day, so long as it works for the individual client, of course.

Overall, these conditions offer an incredible amount of freedom, along with better job security.

And that’s pretty hard to find elsewhere.”

Martin Lundgren


  • your clients served on a silver platter. Fortius Fitness takes care of all the marketing, sending clients your way so you can focus solely on meeting their needs.
  • thorough training, support and advice in our specially-developed, well-tested training and dietary strategies needed to uphold our high level of quality – having already helped thousands of people.
  • a private center with top-notch, professional equipment exclusively for personal training. It’s just you and the client and no one else to disturb.
  • the chance to turn your passion into a full-time job, where it’s you that gets to plan your own day.
  • access to our specially-developed system in order to keep track of your clients and appointments.
  • professional, highly helpful colleagues along with a good working environment – both physically and emotionally.
  • unique opportunities for further development, including an international career – as we’re expanding significantly abroad.
  • the industry’s best conditions with exceptional fees, when compared to other players in the market.
  • the benefit of Fortius Fitness’ brand and its good reputation.

You are:

  • a qualified personal trainer or physiotherapist or have a bachelor’s or master’s in Sports or Health & Nutrition.
  • an aficionado in strength training and particularly in free weights (the squat, deadlift and bench press).
  • empathetic and able to relate to your clients’ routines and challenges.
  • patient, compassionate, and able to manage the tough conversations that can push the client out of their comfort zone, removing the barriers standing in the way of their goals.
  • ambitious and passionate about your profession and eager to make personal training your livelihood – and not just a casual, part-time job.
  • open and willing to learn, with a desire to work with an established yet flexible concept based on scientific evidence.

And of course, you’ll need to practice what you preach.

You’ll also have an attitude that’s positive, friendly, genial, engaged and helpful.

You’ll support our brand – which stands for reliability and guaranteed results – and not least our good reputation as some of the very best in the industry.

You’ll be assigned as a consultant, which means you’ll have your own EIN.

This isn’t difficult and it’s something with which we’re happy to help.

Read more about Fortius Fitness here.

If you feel the above description fits you and you’d like to be a part of Fortius Fitness’ successful team of trainers, we ask that you send us a resume and cover letter to:

Remember to write “Personal Trainer Application” in the email’s subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Joan Lang and Kasper V. Christensen
Founders of Fortius Fitness