Personal training is an investment you make in your health and your future, and as such should be done within a setting that ensures you get the most out of your exercise.

At Fortius Fitness we specialize in transforming bodies as well as lifestyles, and we train exclusively in our own gyms – reserved solely for our clients.

All of our trainers know from experience that training in a traditional gym can be challenging, as the exercise equipment needed is often being used by someone else.

This means both client and trainer must either wait in line or drop the best exercises in favor of less effective ones – because at least that’s better than wasting time in line.

On top of that, training sessions are often disturbed by the stares of bystanders, making clients feel embarrassed and thus hampering their ability to concentrate.

It’s especially difficult for those who are self-conscious of their body. Some require years to build up the courage to make an appearance at a regular gym.

Clients needing to bring their newborns along for postpartum exercise can experience feeling unwelcome or in the way.

Fortunately, this is never the case at a Fortius Fitness Personal Training Center!

This is why our clients come from all across the country to get quality advice at our centers. (Check out our centers at the bottom of the page).

We create the perfect conditions for personal training – you and your trainer have your own equipment available.

There’s no wasted time, no unwanted gazes, no common showers, and you can feel free to bring your baby along.

You’ll learn how to get your diet to work for you, along with an intelligent way to exercise that gets you in shape in the shortest possible time in a very human way, ensuring that you can easily maintain your results in a local gym or with the right equipment at home – taking up no more space than a treadmill.

We offer individual personal training as well as training for couples or small groups of up to 3 people.

All Fortius Fitness training centers have the same high standards when it comes to trainers, equipment, exercise and surroundings.

fitness trainer

We safeguard both quality and hygiene, with trainers wiping down equipment after every workout session so that you always have clean equipment to work with and can feel at ease – unlike at traditional gyms, where cleaning up after oneself is left to the individual client.


  • You’re guaranteed results if you follow our guidelines, so you won’t slave in vain or waste your money.
  • You and your personal trainer won’t have to wait, stand in line or be interrupted.
  • Only our own clients have the chance to work out in the FORTIUS FITNESS PERSONAL TRAINING CENTER, so you and your trainer will often have the place entirely to yourselves.
  • You’ll get the absolute best workout – whenever it works best for you.
  • Our certified personal trainers live and work out according to the same exact concept they teach you.
  • You’ll avoid having bystanders looking on or listening in, making you feel uneasy when it’s time to talk about important, personal things with your trainer – instead, you can focus solely on your workout.
  • For those interested, there’s also the option of exercising with a friend or partner in order to help and support each other all the way.
  • You have the best, most efficient equipment on the market at your disposal, so you avoid being confused by nonessential equipment.
  • A course with us is a mini-education in managing your own exercise, diet and lifestyle – not just a workout program with demanding dietary restrictions.
  • Changing and showering takes place privately in separate booths rather than overcrowded, communal changing rooms.
  • You can bring along your baby and stroller.
  • Train, bus and metro stop within walking distance and parking right at the door in case you’re arriving by car.