If you’re looking to make lasting changes to your body, then Fortius Fitness is for you. Using our simple concept, you can exercise with your trainer whenever it’s convenient, achieving outstanding results in the shortest possible time – regardless of gender, age or training experience.


Our trainers have a unique approach to training and diet and have been carefully selected for Fortius Fitness. They’ve struggled with their own bodies earlier in their lives and thus know what you’re talking about, how it feels, and how they can best help you.


The best surroundings give the best results, and thus with us there are only 1–2 other clients present at a time, each with their own trainers in our small, private centers.


Fortius Fitness is among the only training centers to offer GUARANTEED results – or your money back – when you follow our easy dietary principles and simple training methods, which have helped more than 15,000 clients.

Have you had enough of your excess fat, your soft, feeble body, your lack of energy and drive, your health issues and daily struggles such as chronic back or knee pains?

And are you tired of:

  • Training in vain without getting the results you’re after?
  • Fad diets that don’t work and the yo-yoing weight that follows?
  • Contradictory, confusing advice on exercise and diet?

Do you want to get the truth about training and dieting once and for all? To become the strongest, leanest and healthiest version of yourself, without having to live in a gym or be tied to an overly strict, unrealistic dieting regimen?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re so completely confident that our training and dieting strategies work that we’re not at all afraid to say:

Results are guaranteed – or your money back!

lose weight, build muscle, get healthy and reach the very best shape of your life with a personal trainer from fortius fitness

personal fitness trainer


  • Waking up every morning, looking in the mirror and seeing the body you’ve always wanted.
  • Having the energy to do all the things that you never seem to get around to doing.
  • Living every day with a lean, strong, healthy body.

you can get the body you want – and sooner than you think

Elisabeth lost weight and rediscovered the joy of training

“The first 15 days made me 8 lbs lighter and 8 inches smaller in body measurements. On top of that I’ve got more energy and a better overall mood”

Martin got toned after 9 years of inactivity

“My course ran from april to may and I’ve seriously never been as ripped as when it ended”

Heidi lost almost 13 inches and gained a realistic lifestyle change

“One of the things that most appeals to me about the course at Fortius Fitness is that it’s easy! The exercises aren’t complicated – and neither is the diet plan – and so it only takes an hour from the time I arrive until the time I head out”

Casper lost almost 20 lbs of fat in 5 weeks

“I’m just really glad I chose Fortius Fitness. I’ve gained so much more energy in my daily life. Coming home from work I always used to spread out on the sofa and take an afternoon nap, but that never happens anymore”

Dorthe and Michael each lost 13 lbs of pure fat

“During our course, we came to love weight training and going forward it won’t be a problem to keep training 2–3 times a week. Compared to the other types of exercise we’ve tried in the past, such as running and spinning, the outcome here has been the complete opposite”

Camilla lost a total of 5.5 lbs and 5 inches

“My neck, shoulder and lower back problems are almost completely gone, and even though I haven’t been doing cardio – not even as a warm-up – I’m in better shape. What’s not to like?”

Troels lost weight, cleared his back pain and got nicer skin

“In three months I’ve gone from a size XL to a M and lost almost 21 lbs. On top of the weight loss, my body has become much stronger and I’m no longer having back problems”

Lonnie became stronger and lost weight

“It’s really simple to follow the dietary principles and even cooler that they actually work :-). It’s been pretty motivating to be able to see my progress, even though I’ve only been training once or twice a week, drinking wine, eating candy, etc.”

Nadja lost 9 inches and significantly increased her strength

“I can feel a big difference physically in my daily life, I can handle a lot more than I used to, especially at my work, where I have to lift and be active, which has become a lot easier and not as hard as before”

With a personal trainer from Fortius Fitness, you can expect outstanding results through simple methods and strategies proven time and time again.

Our unique approach to fitness and training will spare you frustration, confusion, and – not least – time and money.

  • We’ve helped men of all ages to trade in their beer bellies and spare tires for well-defined abs – even those who’d never seen their abdominal muscles before.
  • We’ve helped women of all ages to get the toned, lean body they’d always thought was out of reach.
  • We’ve helped mothers attain an even slimmer, firmer and stronger body than they’d had before their pregnancies.
  • We’ve helped both women and men to build up physical and mental strength and get their body image and self-worth back on track.
  • We’ve helped our clients to live healthier and happier everyday lives.

And we can help you too!

Whatever your background, you can get the results you want.

While some of our clients have never trained before, others have worn themselves out, finding that despite absurdly strict meal plans, crazy diets and plenty of dedication, their efforts simply weren’t paying off.

personal training

What they all have in common is that, like so many others, they’re bombarded with conflicting information and flawed “advice” on exercise and diet in the media, online – and sometimes even within gyms themselves.

If all these quick-fixes really worked, then why aren’t we a nation of slim, well-trained bodies?

When you’re on your own, the constant search for the right approach can cost a good deal of money, time and frustration – and you may never find it.

At worst, your search can leave you paralyzed and confused by the huge amounts of information out there, keeping you from getting started with what needs to be done.

Fortius Fitness has the expertise and proven strategies to guide you through this fitness jungle of information.

With us you’ll get simple tools to help you reach your goals, whether you need a helping hand to lose pounds, to build muscle, or to boost your levels of energy.

The magic happens in a calm setting within our own centers, each one exclusively dedicated to personal training.

Our personal training course will teach you why:

  • Cardio workouts such as cycling (or spinning), running, or aerobic routines like Zumba and step are in fact counterproductive to reducing fat.
  • Strength training is the best, most effective way to lose weight and keep it off – regardless of your gender.
  • Less than one hour of training, 2-3 times per week, offers better results than you’d believe.
  • Your level of soreness, your pulse or how much you sweat say nothing about the effectiveness of your training.
  • Fad diets and stringent food regimens are unsustainable, in the best cases offering only mediocre results.
  • A flexible diet that fits with YOUR lifestyle and daily routine – allowing you to feel full after meals – is the best way to lose weight at a healthy pace.
  • Candy, ice cream or cake from time to time can work FOR you rather than against you.
  • Strict, unrealistic food regimens, fixed, portioned meals, point-tracking, calorie-counting and other self-enforced dietary restrictions will always keep you from feeling truly free.

Your Success is our success!

A personal trainer is not a cost but an investment, one that in the long run turns out a saving.

With personal training, you get a greater return on your investment than on anything else in this universe – adding more years to your life and more life to your years.

Your success is our only priority, and many of our clients choose to travel great distances to train specifically with one of our personal trainers.

And there’s certainly a reason for that!

We take an in-depth look at your background and the goals you’ve set for yourself, and find a solution that’s right for you and that works in your daily routine – both now and in the long term.

You’ll come to learn the exercise and dietary strategies that have proven successful, even on a strenuous workday, strategies developed by personal trainer Kasper Valsted Christensen, who has racked up more than 25 years of experience in coaching others.

All of Fortius Fitness’ trainers are selected with great care – not just anyone can become a Fortius Fitness trainer.

Only the most capable and skilled have what it takes to get through, and it’s far more than just a question of which education they’ve received.

Experience and personality – combined with our special, in-house education – ensure that our trainers fulfill a long list of requirements, rendering each a reliably safe choice for you.

All trainers use the very same methods they teach you on their own bodies.

We train ONLY two to three times per week and, naturally, we eat according to the same simple principles. It’s important to us that as personal trainers we practice what we preach.

Our methods mean that you don’t need to cut out alcohol, carbs or sweets, and neither are you forced to deprioritize your children, partner, friends or hobbies.

In short – your life.

Therefore, we expect 100% engagement from you in the limited time you’re with us.

personal trainer

With countless success stories behind us, we can guarantee our ability to help you reach your results – the kind you might hardly be able to imagine right now.

To ensure that you get the highest-quality counsel, we limit capacity in our personal training centers to only a few clients at a time, and therefore there may be a waiting list.

When spots in our courses fill up fast, it’s because we offer some very unique features:

  • Guaranteed results or your money back when you follow our guidelines. With us you’ll avoid both wasting money and toiling in vain.
  • Easy dietary principles that mesh with your daily life, as opposed to strict meals plans that make you constantly feel like you’re on a diet.
  • Simple exercise methods that make it easy to continue on your own, letting you off the hook from hours of exercise and overly complicated training programs.
  • Top-notch equipment minus the wait, letting you skip out on standing in line and wasting precious training time.
  • A small center with your own trainer, so no one around to eavesdrop when your personal challenges are discussed.
  • No big crowds looking on as you train, making you feel awkward or uncomfortable.
  • Exercise with your trainer whenever it works for you, whether weekdays or weekends. We’re open 7 days a week from 6am–10pm.
  • Avoid communal changing rooms and showers, instead enjoying the privacy of separate booths.
  • Train alone or together with one or more of your friends (max. 3), benefiting from one another’s support.

As prices depend on your specific needs and goals, we encourage you to write a little about yourself when contacting us.

3 good reasons to change your life through personal training with Fortius Fitness

personal trainers


Professional expertise is our key concept, and our overriding goal as personal trainers is to offer you a solution to match both you and your everyday life, helping you reach your goal quickly and effectively – regardless of whether that means getting help to lose pounds, build muscle mass or boost your energy levels.

A Fortius Fitness trainer ensures that you hit the ground running and doesn’t waste your precious time or money.

Your trainer shows you how to transform your body and get fantastic results, all while allowing you to:

  • Train for 1 hour maximum just 2–3 times per week – as opposed to having to toil for hours using ineffective or excessive techniques.
  • Eat according to a few simple principles that put neither yours nor your family’s daily life on the back burner.
  • Join in on social events without having to stand in a corner munching on a carrot.

Most of us have packed, demanding schedules, which is why your exercise and healthy diet should be manageable and easy to follow.

The only way to achieve truly lasting results is to ensure the new habits are easily integrated into your daily routine, however fast-paced it may be.

You’re in safe hands with our personal trainers, and that feeling of ease is essential in allowing you to simply focus on your results.

That’s why the place where you train should offer a positive experience, and we make sure that it does with our very own private training centers, where access is only for clients currently engaged in a course.


Fortius Fitness is at the top of its field because a Fortius Fitness personal trainer knows what it feels like not to be satisfied with their body.

Before achieving the body of his or her dreams, each trainer has experienced such feelings as:

  • Self-esteem wearing thin.
  • Intimidation at the thought of wearing a swimsuit.
  • Having clothes fit awkwardly, tempting the notion of ridding the whole world of mirrors.
  • Breaking into a cold sweat at the prospect of entering a gym for the fear of doing something wrong.

So no matter which of our personal trainers you choose, you’ll get a trainer who understands your situation, the struggles you’ve been through and the daily obstacles you face.

We know that it’s impossible to realign both yours and your family’s lives by imposing a strict dietary regimen or a complicated workout program, with hours on end of training to which very few could ever live up.

We are NOT simply a group of genetically gifted people, which is precisely why we offer a formula that guarantees results for everyone – regardless of background.


Our personal trainers have helped countless people of both genders to reach their goals – from students to CEOs and from working professionals to retirees.

Whether your training is wearing you out without giving the desired results, or you’re fed up seeing one diet after another end up in failure, one of our personal trainers will make sure that you get on the right track.

We specialize in helping you navigate the jungle of fitness-related information and in making a healthy diet and effective exercise a part of your everyday life.

A part you can actually look forward to!

Our clients here have all achieved the results that they were longing for:

personal fitness coach

Your reflection a month FROM NOW is the result of the choice you make today

Does the reflection you see then more or less resemble the one you see now in the mirror, with the same feelings and frustrations?


Are you standing face to face with a healthier, fitter version of yourself, pleased and proud of how much you’ve changed in just 30 days?

The choice is yours!